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19 August 2010 @ 04:57 am
 happy birthday g-dragon oppa^^
22?! so great :D
proud of you and all your accomplishments!!!!!

i didn't know we were the same age for half of the year :D
hope to meet you someday, oppa~ ㅋㅋ
and i'm so glad i got to see your concert
love and many more birthdays to come <33333333333

G-Dragon Hwaiting <3
02 March 2010 @ 08:21 am
my birthday was pretty fun^^ i went out with my korean friends, like 7 girls and 2 boys~ and they brought me 2 cakes >< and they had the restaurant play happy birthday for me in korean and they also sang to me and brought me lots of presents!^^ so it was very nice~ but we didn't go to noraebang (karaoke) but they said we should all go again sometime^^ it's so nice when friends get along~

ye, ni is pretty wonderful~ we're still emailing and he's just so sweet^^ i'm beginning to think it won't be settling to date him/marry him~ he's the most amazing guy i've ever had the pleasure to meet and he totally treats me like a princess

so, i'm not sure if you remember kihyun~ but he's my friend that i like~
well, we're like pseudo-fighting right now and i hate it!!!
idk why T_T i'm trying not to let it bother me, but every time i talk about it, i feel sick and i feel like crying. i need to get him alone so we can talk. we used to text all day and he'd send me little smilies. and yesterday, not a single smilie! and he even said "bye" to me in the middle of the day. we never do that. we always talk until we fall asleep. and we just had breakfast together and he didn't speak to me at all. i mean, i tried to talk to him, but he just answered my questions & then went back to ignoring me. idk, maybe someone teased him about liking me or me liking him and he freaked out and doesn't want to encourage it. the first few days back were amazing, we spent all our time together, but now...nothing~ it's worse than jae, because while jae was an obnoxious flirt, he never hated me or ignored me. this is torture.

but...on a happier note, besides the terrible drama with kihyun, yesterday was a wonderful day! (i think i might be close to having my monthly "women's magic" as we call it in korea, it always makes me overly emotional and pissy right before it comes) my friend feel XD kk, his korean name is 필 (pil) and we had lunch and then he took me to coffee (at mcdonald's XD) and we sat in his car for 2 hours, just talking~ and he really is my friend b/c we talk about ex-girlfriends and who likes (he said he met an "angel" at his english class XD) and he says he'll set me up on a blind date (b/c i've never had one) but he said it will be difficult b/c none of his friends are "flower boys" (extremely handsome) and that's "my type" according to him, hahahahahahaha XD so that was really nice^^

and then when i got back to campus, i saw my roommate and she was standing with this cute guy and we were introduced. and then she and i and kihyun and his roommate and that boy went to dinner. and kihyun was a little awkward, but he hadn't hit his worst yet. (i thought he was just tired, but he was a jerkface at breakfast, too...( anyway, so dinner was boring. but as we were leaving, i asked that guy if he was good at english and he said "ye, i'm very good" XDDDDD which i have NEVER heard a korean say! XD so then kihyun & his roommate had to go buy a book and then my roommate and her friend had to go somewhere and so it was me and the guy. so we decided to hang out and all of a sudden, he's not shy any more!!!! and then he says that we should go get coffee, and he doesn't know where it is, so i had to lead him^^ and he said he wanted to go to the mcdonald's b/c it's cheap and he's a student XD so i thought it was pretty close, but it took us 30 minutes to walk there!!!! XD but along the way, we became really good friends^^ he's SO funny and really tall! at least 6' O_o and he kept saying how pretty i was~ and, wow, it was really fun^^ haha~ so we hung out like 5 hours yesterday^^ but i didn't get hi number! T_T but hopefully i'll see him again soon and we can exchange numbers~ he said he needs someone to eat w/ and if kihyun is going to continue to be a butt, i'm just going to switch eating buddies XD haha~

sooooo... 1)kihyun sucks XD 2) i made new friends :D
and i don't even like coffee! but korean coffee is actually pretty tasty~ but i can't believe i had mcdonald's coffee twice in one day XDDDDD haha^^

oh, and the thing about the sense of direction. idk if it's (1) the boys i date (2) all boys in general (3) or my affect on these boys, but every guy i hang out w/ gets lost sooooooo easily! and i have this pseudo-photographic (word of the day: pseudo! XD kk) memory where once i've been somewhere, i can get back there no problem. well, all these guy, including ni just get so turned around. they go right when they should go left, they try to go in the out door, they walk into posts, they just get lost and disoriented very easily. haha~ so i was always having to help ni XD

this message was originally written for my friend, so maybe some of it won't make sense XD

oh, and i downloaded a bunch of new music yesterday!!!!! i REALLY like c.n blue^^ and i don't care for u-kiss that much~ i love getting new music <33333
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02 March 2010 @ 08:19 am
 jaebum! </3
i just want to know what he did~ how could it be so terrible? maybe he just stole from the company or something like that~
the only good thing, is that once i go back to the states, i 'll be in the same country as him and i cant ask him out on a date XD haha

and...this is the deal: i got into kpop via shinhwa, which, in retrospect, is a terrible idea. if i had gotten into via H.O.T. then i would expect this kind of behavior from the kpop realm, but i thought H.O.T. was the exception, i thought all groups would be like shinhwa. ESPECIALLY DBSK!!!! I know, i know, they're not officially broken up, but, hey, jaebum wasn't "officially" kicked out of 2pm either. it's going to happen. maybe if i say it enough times, it won't hurt so bad when yoochunnie tells me he can't perform any more~ i'm still trying to decide what to do about 2pm. it's like breaking up w/ a bf XD you want to hang out w/ him, but it's so painful!!!! everytime i see 2pm, i think of jaebummie T_T maybe in a few months it'll be ok~ i haven't read the whole press conference yet, but it sounds like the fans blame the other guys, which just isn't fair~

and as far as dbsk goes -_- i could support them if it was 5 vs. sm. but they're split!!!!!!!!! and yunho vs. yoochun. i mean, honestly, how can i choose? if those 3 wanted to be seen as revolutionaries, then they should've figured out a way to bring the other 2 along, too~ if u can't even convince your other members that what you're doing is for the best, how can you expect your fans to?

and, finally~ the whole reason i follow these groups so wholeheartedly is b/c they're never supposed to let me down. real life boys suck, they're ugly and forgetful and untalented XD (i'm exaggerating a little) but in fandom, everyone is perfect and totally reliable. so when this drama comes around, where can i escape to? my escape is more torturous than real life! terrible

anyway, enough fandom^^
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03 November 2009 @ 12:12 am
i just suffered through 2 hours of a k-drama for 10 seconds of my top oppa~~
and i really can't decide if it's worth it~
no offense to TOP, but, erm.....this plot is rather dull~

and how is some 45 y/o man able to out-run two 25 y/o men in the prime of their life?!
what kind of spies are they????
although TOP is looking very sexy (and speaking english)
im just not sure it's worth it....

i had a wonderful evening tonight^^
and hoping for a wonderful tomorrow!

take care, lovelies <3
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01 November 2009 @ 09:27 am
Right on G-Dragon's face!!! XD hahahaha^^
that's right~ i got tickets to GD's concert on December 6th!!!
i'm sooooooo excited~
ok, so it's not DBSK, 2PM, Shinhwa, or the rest of Big Bang
but it's Blonde!GD !!!!
and if you know anything about me recently, you know i've been absolutely OBSESSED w/ blonde!GD XD haha^^

anyway, it would be AWESOME if TOP made a sneak appearance, but it's more likely that TaeYang will show up~
even if it's just GD i can only imagine the energy that's going to be in that room^^

on a funny note~ none of my friends wanted to go u_u
so i put an add on school's homepage~ one in english & then again in korean~
and some stranger contacted me and said they'd go w/ me^^
my korean friend had to tell me what their text messages said b/c they texted me all in korean~
and i'm not that fluent yet! XD haha^^ anyway, she said it's a boy!  but my other friend said that it sounded like a girl~
it's a gd concert, so i assumed it's a girl~
but.....could be a boy^^ haha XD anyway, as long as they're nice and they know a tiny bit of english, it will be fun^^ haha~
anyway, i just need someone to lead me through seoul O_o and the concert grounds~

how has everyone been? miss you, bbs^^
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11 October 2009 @ 11:36 am

sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T
omo, i've been so busy, i've just pushed lj into a corner and covered it with dirty clothes XD
i'm in korea now^^ and i'll be here until june 2010!!!!
soooo many things have happened i can't even begin to explain~
which is why i haven't updated, idk what to say
and every day something new happens and i think "ok, i have to write, blah, blah, and blah" and the list gets longer and longer and i'm so intimidated by it, i don't say anything!
but that's a terrible idea :(

how has everyone been??? I hope everything is going ok!!!!
today i want to show you the things i've gotten already or seen in korea that is fandom related.^^
i haven't gone to any concerts yet T_T and i won't be going to the Dream Concert, so don't even bring it up :P haha~
it's a lot harder to find kpop fans here than i thought!!!! maybe b/c i'm in Daegu and not Seoul, i'm not sure~
but everyone says fandoms are just for middle school/high school students T_T not they're not!!!!
and then w/ dbsk on their "hiatus" and jaebum leaving 2PM and G-Dragon's copyright scandals, i feel like a curse on my boys TT_TT
hopefully everything will be great soon and i can run into them in the streets! haha XD

but....here is what i've seen so far^^:

 Kyobo Bookstore! The greatest invention ever <3
yes, i bought AADBSK3 XD And these magazines will take all of my money!!!! T_T but i can't help it~ they're so pretty!
and you get lke 6 free posters with each one~~~~ I also bought the October issue of Junior^^

Celebrity sitings:
all my favorites on one bus <3<3<3

and i'm totally loving big bang sponsoring hite^^

aaand, my korean friend bought me a pair of TOP socks^^ <3<3<3 omo i love korea!!!!!
i want to buy the blonde!gd ones next^^
b/c blonde!gd is taking over my life!!!!!!!

and just for kicks and giggles XD
i ran into this princess on my campus~~ i couldn't resist the photo op^^ haha

anyway, i have to write papers now~

i hope to update later^^


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18 February 2009 @ 09:07 pm

Awwww, little magnae all grown up^^
he's looking so super cute and smexy this days!!!
i almost missed his bday b/c i thought it was tomorrow! >.<

but i remembered just in time^^
anyone know how old he is???
anyway, enjoy the picspam <333

Minnie Pic!SpamCollapse )
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14 February 2009 @ 09:49 pm

found some holiday-themed pics^^
they're quite adorable XD
hope you guys had a wonderful v-day!
and i love you all!

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06 February 2009 @ 09:50 pm
and now it's yunnie's birthday^^
a picspam for those in love w/ the leader~
he's just too adorable XD
he's such a dork, but he's so smexy, too!!!


adorkable XD

piglet & yunnie, my 2 favorite things XD


Appa Yunho^^

and Smexy^^;

happy birthday yunho-ah!!! we love you^^

and a little yunchun to get you through the week^^

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